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Chihuahua (short coat)  : :  Male (neutered)  : :  Senior  : :  Small

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All of our dogs and cats are in foster homes and we have no paid staff.  If you have questions concerning a specific animal,  PLEASE fill out an application and the foster parent will be in touch.  We will not arrange any home visits with any of our dogs and cats until your application is processed.  Please understand our foster parents are precious to our 2nd Chance family; without them we cannot function, so we do our best to not burden them with multiple appointments.  Our foster parents will choose their top 3 applications and arrange home visits with these applicants.  The adopter will be chosen at that time.  The process can take anywhere from a week to a month.  We want to make sure our little furry ones are placed in their "forever home" and never have to go through a rehoming again!

About Willie

  • Status: Available for Sponsorship
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Brown/Chocolate
  • Current Age: 13 Years (best estimate)
Wellllllll hello world!  My name is Willie, Some call me Wee Willie, Some break out in this crazy song that goes Little willie willie wont go home blah blah blah whatever!!!  Anyhows I lived with this lady who got older and had a hard time getting around.  There were 3 of us little fur buddies and she put towels and pads down and for the last year we had to go in the house because she didn't take us out.  Can I just tell you I missed the fresh air!!!  Well I'm pretty small and well I just couldn't get to the food as quickly as the other 2 and so lots of times I didn't get much to eat in fact my bones were starting to show!  Lucky for me a visitor came and she saw I was "in trouble" and she got the lady to agree to allow her to find me a good place to go.  The lady called 2nd Chance and within hours I was at The Ranch with 2 nice women and other pups who were really nice to me and I got a really warm fluffy bed and my own little bowl of yummy food that I got to eat in bed in a crate where NO ONE tried to take it from me!  YAY!!!!
Momma Lynn took me to the Doctor the next day.  I gotta say I wasn't impressed when they stuck something up my butt immediately and then took me in the back and poked me I mean seriously what happened to getting to know each other first and how about that 6 foot rule!!! siggggghhhhh well anyhoo the doctor said my teeth are AWFUL hmmmm wonder what gave that away? My breath that could kill a buzzard????  however because I am so skinny I have to wait until I weigh 4 pounds to have my mouth taken care of (its really cutting in on my dating the ladies).  
I have gained a pound so far so I have 1 pound 6 oz to go.  With the kitchen at the ranch Ms Cheryl has been giving me my special dish 3 times a day so I'm thinking I should pack on that weight in no time!  some of the other pups are none to happy they are on this thing called a diet hmmmm shouldn't have been hitting the chow line so hard they wouldn't be so plump!

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Is Not Good with Kids

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Please understand we do not adopt out dogs to  families with children under the age of 5.  We do not adopt dogs to renters.  Some dogs will have fence requirements while others may not.


A pet is a lifetime commitment.  The dogs and cats in our system find themselves there, for the most part, because their humans did not have the same loyalty to them as they did to their owners.  We do not take the adoption process lightly, and will do everything in our power to make sure the animal is placed correctly the first time around for your sake and theirs.  Thank you for choosing to adopt not shop!

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