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Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie  : :  Female (spayed)  : :  Adult  : :  Small

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Contact Zoey's Caretaker/Foster Directly: Lynn & Cedric (lynnwelcomesyouhome@gmail.com)

 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue is primarily a sanctuary for senior and medically needy dogs.  Every once in awhile you will see younger dogs but for the most part our dogs live out their life at the ranch at the request of their previous owners or their owners families.  We have many sponsorship dogs.  Our sponsors love to keep in touch and know how their sponsored fur buddy is doing :)
When we have foster families we are thrilled to be able to take adoptable younger dogs :)  So if you have ever thought about becoming fosters please feel free to go to our foster/volunteer page and fill out an application.
The Ranch located at 737 Taylor Rd., Windsor, PA is always looking for dedicated volunteers that will commit to at least a 2 hour shift per week at the rescue.  Volunteers work in play yards, help with laundry and feeding.  Some enjoy landscaping or carpentry projects and some like to bake for the healing center visitors :)
Thank you for supporting our mission of caring for the elderly and medically needy souls that need us!

About Zoey

  • Status: Available for Sponsorship
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
  • Current Size: 6 Pounds
  • Current Age: 14 Years 7 Months (best estimate)
  • Microchipped: Yes
6/13/2016  Zoey has been returned to us after 2 years.  Why?  because the owner says she is aggressive and a biter and has "mistakes" in the house.  OMG!!  She has been back with me for a week now and she SO is not aggressive!  She is a little love bug!!  People disappoint me all the time making it about the dog has issues when they tire of them and don't want them anymore.  It makes my heart so sad :(  That's ok Zoey we will make sure your next adopter is a Yorkie specialist and knows how Yorkies play and communicate.  Love you little girl!

My name is Zoey.  I only have a name now because a wonderful supporter of 2nd Chance named me.  My owner would not have named me because he was an Amish Breeder and I was just an "oven" or "cash cow" to him :(   He left me in labor way to long!  It was scary and I couldn't push my puppies out :(   I have no clue how many times I have been pregnant but it was a lot!  When I finally was fearing I would die he took me to the vet.  She took one look at me and immediatly rushed me into the operating room and did an emergency c section.  My insides were a mess and she begged my owner to allow her to take out my uterus since it was damaged but he refused.  He said "I'll get 5 or 6 more litters out of her.  Her puppies bring me $1,000 a piece"  If people would stop buying puppies mean men like him would stop breeding them and hurting mommies like me :(((   PLEASE PLEASE help pass the word that for every cute little puppy on an amish farm there is a mommy and daddy in a crate that never gets love, grooming or learns how to play and have fun!!!!
My first puppy died.  My owner took home my other 3 puppies and left me at the hospital for the night.  I didn't mind I had a soft bed for the first time in my life and gentle hands that did something they called "petting" it felt really good!!!!
My owner came the next day and one of my other puppies had died so he took the last 2 of my pups and "put them on another bitch" he said.  He then picked me up and took me home :(  I didn't feel very well and he didn't care he just stuck me back in the pen.  I really thought I would die there!  2 days later he picked me up but by then I didn't care, I was ready to go, dying couldn't be worse than this :(   He took me to the nice hospital again and the vet was really upset.  She talked with another vet and I heard them talking about whether it would be best to just "euthanize" me.  I didn't know what that meant but they didn't seem happy.   They decided to operate again.  When they opened my little belly again they realized my uterus had ruptured and my insides were a mess!  They took my uterus and flushed out my insides 4 or 5 times then they stitched me up and prayed that I would still be there in the morning when they came in.  I was and they gave me meds and really good food and I started to feel much better.  I so didn't want to go back to my crate at the mean mans place :(
My owner came in and when he heard I couldn't have anymore pups he was more than happy to give me to the vet and not have to pay for my 2nd surgery.  He gave them a check for the emergency c section and it bounced :(  Again if people wouldn't buy from breeders they would stop using us to make $$$$ :(
The vet called 2nd Chance and now I have my own soft bed every night.  I get held A LOT.  I like the other really small dogs in the house.  I'm not very fond of the bigger ones.  I now know what grass is and its fun!   I give little kisses to my foster mommy every once in awhile not a lot yet because I'm still scared but I'm getting there and I'm working on going potty outside instead of in the house :)
My foster mommy says NO kids and NO big dogs.  I would like someone that will give me lots and love and a safe place to call home!

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Is Not Good with Kids

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Please understand we do not adopt out dogs to families with children under the age of 5. We do not adopt dogs to renters. Some dogs will have fence requirements while others may not.


A pet is a lifetime commitment. The dogs and cats in our system find themselves there, for the most part, because their humans did not have the same loyalty to them as they did to their owners. We do not take the adoption process lightly, and will do everything in our power to make sure the animal is placed correctly the first time around for your sake and theirs. Thank you for choosing to adopt not shop!

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