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On a daily basis, we have new foster dogs and cats coming into the system that need medical care, such as insulin, heart meds, allergy meds etc.  Won't you be part of the pack and help with a monthly donation?
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Join our Pack!

There is always something needed in rescue.  Knowing that we have monthly support takes some of the stress off making decisions on whether we can take on another animal in need or not or whether we can move forward with another play yard or not etc. etc...  We are blessed to have a "Pack member" family that allows us to feel confident that there is always $$ coming in to help cover expenses!

We are often asked, "How can I help?"

With the subscription button, you can choose to become part of our "Pack."  

Your monthly donation helps to provide much needed supplies and medical care,  whether it be the Nail Clipper Pack for $10/month, or the Paw Print Pack for $25/month, or the Tail Wagger Pack for $50/month, or the Wet Kiss Pack for $100/month.

The Alpha Pack option allows you to choose an amount over $100.
Donation can be any amount you choose whether monthly or a one time donation.  We are so grateful that you will help us to keep this life saving mission going!!!  Thank you for saying I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

Your subscription will make it possible to fund the special needs of our furry friends.

The needs change monthly. Become a supporter!


The 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue Ranch is a safe haven for many many senior and medically needy dogs.  Most will live out their days having 2 servants, Chery & Lynn who cater to their every need.  They will bask in the sun, play in the play yards, lay on nice soft comfy beds and enjoy never having to worry about not being loved or cared for again.  They will make friends both human and fur buddies and enjoy the love and attention of all who come to the ranch to help.  The ranch is a work in progress and all help is appreciated from jumping on a mower to mow 12 acres or push mowing the play yards or weedwacking or giving baths or picking up a paint brush or a hammer there is always something to be done at the ranch and our 2nd Chance family is always looking for new members willing to give of themselves and their talents to make life even better for our fur buddies!!!
ranchranch2ranch3ranch4ranch5Ranch group shot


Buddy came to us with very little fur but LOADS of fleas & ticks!  He has now blossomed into a wonderful guy with a gentle spirit.  Buddy has a heart problem that will cause him to have less time with us then we would like but he is amazing at taking his meds and every day is a blessing with Buddy!


Professor came to us in pretty rough shape, very little fur and his skin just soooo infected that he bled all the time.  After many vet visits, skin scrapes, different medication .... we have finally found a regiment that works for our little sweetheart and he is thriving!  Professor will always be a "work in progress"  His meds will always need "tweaked" but here at the ranch that is what we are all about, so Professor is one of the lucky ones to land at The Ranch!
professor Great


We were contacted by a family member and informed their father was in a nursing home and the dog was at his apartment.  When our volunteer went to see Max's she knew he needed 2nd Chance and The Ranch.  We made arrangments to pick up this sweet boy and get him to a groomer and give him some much needed love and attention and in time Max's has learned to trust the touch of a hand and the love of the ranch :)
Max so sweet


We work hard EVERY day to make life better for our fur friends.  Faith can no longer walk but she has a cart and we express her bladder and she tells us exactly what she wants at all times :)  Faith gives us so much love and teaches us lessons all the time.  We are grateful for the opportunity to care for this wonderful little soul!
Faith and Lynn


Tip - This poor boy has not had a great life.  Tip was already in a "rescue" that was REALLY bad and actually closed down.  He was adopted out and obviously not valued because his owners dropped him at a kill shelterr at the age of 10!!  Tip desperately needs a dental, blood work and an EKG since he also has a murmur.  Tip deserves better than he has gotten so far from humans.  Won't you help us to save him??Tip
Gidgit was kept on a cement slab outside 24/7 with 41 other dogs :(  She didn't have any interaction and the food was scarce.  When they were finally taken from the owner she was covered in feces and couldn't use her back legs.  She dropped clots of blood every time she had a bowel movement.  She has been with us a year and had surgery on both back legs and we have found if we keep her on Natures Balance she actually does not bleed.  Her hips are giving out on her now and we are looking into a cart for her.  She is well loved and in a medical home where she gets lots of love, attention and the medical care she deserves.  We could not afford her care if it were not for pack members who make her care and special food possible
gidgit after*************************************************************************************************jasmine and kittensJasmine found herself alone and pregnant.  Her life has totally changed.  She lives in a foster home with plenty to eat and tons of toys to play with.  She gave birth to 4 little amazing kids and they are all doing well and thriving because of pack member support!!****************************************************************************************************

KoKo's mom passed away. KoKo stayed by her side for days along with her best friend, Misty, until someone finally found them. Being a senior bonded pair with major health issues didn't make the future look very bright for the two girls but 2nd Chance was able to take on the senior best friends and all their medical care. They are now living comfortably in a medical foster home who is capable of handling their medical issues.  This wouldn't be possible without the generous funds from pack members.
koko happyMisty


LuLu was dropped off at the shelter with a bowling ball-sized tumor attached to her chest.  She couldn't move around very well.  She definitely couldn't stand on her back legs with the weight of the tumor.  Now, she bounces like a slinky and LOVES to jump up to greet you.  This could not have happened without our pack member support!

LuLu BeforeLuLu After


Chicka was found on the streets of Philadelphia.  Her skin was literally oozing blood.  She was so infected and had given up on humans.  You could tell our little girl was done trying.  The shelter said they would euthanize her due to her condition.  We were there picking up another time stamped dog so how could we turn our backs on this precious soul?  Chicka came to 2nd Chance and blossomed.  She now lives in her furever home and has been named Daisey which is totally fitting!  Chicka would not be here today if 2nd Chance did not have supporters that make sure our medical account is able to take on emergency cases.  Won't you help us save others like Daisey?
Chika beforeDaisey after



Brooklyn was hit by a car and taken to ACCT in Philly.  She had multiple broken ribs and a fractured scapula.  The vets there said get her rescue or we need to euthanize her. She can't be here in this condition.  So we were called and jumped in the car to make the trip to save her life. 

Brooklyn Pug


Cookie was stuck by a car and taken to ACCT in Philly where one of the caring team picked up the phone and called us and we jumped in a car to make the 2 hour trip to Philly to save Cookie.  She spent over 2 weeks in the hospital and had surgery to try to "put her back together"  She is now "rehabbing" with an amazing foster couple and every day you see her improvement :)   YAY Cookie!  You keep working hard and so will we!!


Hannah would not have had mamary tumor surgery and now meds ever day and monthly visits to the vet for check ups on her Cushings and Thyroid issues.  She went from a very sick little girl to a wonderful loving one :)

Hannah has crossed over the rainbow bridge but was well cared for due to your support she received 3 years that she would not have had otherwise.
Hannah with her hat


Parker was found stuck between 2 fences :(  He could barely walk and was just in bad shape :(  We didn't know whether we could save him.  Then we realized that he had full blown lyme's disease.  He was treated immediately and Parker's will to live was amazing.  He bounced back and did great! 
Parker now has thyroid cancer and is undergoing chemo.  Our little man is fighting for his life and we are beside him EVERY step of the way!

Parker has passed over the rainbow bridge.  He was given an extra year of life and he lived it to the fullest going on vacations and enjoying life!


Mugsey Man came to us when his mommy could no longer love on him due to her own cancer.  Mugsey came with a very big head tilt and we soon realized that our poor little guy had had many many ear infections left untreated and he had just learned to try to "right his world" by keeping his head tilted :(   Over the year we worked very hard to start to "right" Mugsy's world and with each day he blossomed and cemented himself in our hearts!  When we finally thought we were reaching a good space with him he developed a cough and it was discovered his heart was enlarged.  We found the right "cocktail" of meds to keep him healthy with his heart and then his lungs decided to start giving out :(  We know we are on "borrowed time" but we are loving him and cherishing every second we have with him!  Without your continued support we could not do this!  Mugsey has been able to run on the beach in Nags Head and Ocean City Maryland.  He has slept in his fosters bed almost every night and he has made many many friends both in person and on facebook and his life is wonderful due to the help of pack members!!!
mugsey and meMugsey

Mugsy has passed over the rainbow bridge but not before he spent 4 years with his foster family enjoying vacations and even attending a wedding of his human sister in North Carolina.  Mugs Man you are missed but never forgotten!


Pixie was at York SPCA in very bad shape and her only way out was with a rescue.  One of our wonderful foster families saluted and Pixie has been loved every day since.  She must be given shots every day but with the love of her foster mommy and the support of pack members Pixie continues to enjoy her life!


Cody Man would not have the wonderful quality of life he has now.  3 times a day he is given 3 different medications in each of his eyes.  We are hoping that months from now he may be able to have surgery on his eyes but this remains to be seen, either way he gets his 3 medications 3 times a day due to wonderful support from our 2nd Chance supporters!
When Cody came to 2nd Chance Cody before surgeryCody corkscrew nailCody's eyes after surgery

Now  Cody Man with toyCodi Man


Tobias was being kept in horrible condition!  He escaped his yard and the neighbors took photo's of him and called the police.  Thankfully the police got involved and made the owner seek medical help, however, instead of paying to "fix" Tobias they opted to have him "put down" :(   Thankfully the vets office called us and they were able to get the owner to sign precious, 5 year old Tobias, over to 2nd Chance.  Tobias is thriving and loving his foster family but would love a forever family of his own that will take care of him just like we are doing!
Tobias when he came to 2nd Chance
Tobias in bad shapeTobias LegTobias Paw
Tobias now :)
Tobias nowTobias healthy

Chloe came to us from WV after her owner decided "She wasn't going to breed"  Hmmmm little did they know or we know that Chloe was pregnant!  That's OK we believe things happen for a reason and this happened to Chloe could get to us and have help with the pregnancy and then NEVER have to have another pregnancy!!!  She became VERY sick within days of giving birth and had to have emergency surgery to save her life!  We were able to help her because of our wonderful supporters!!!
Chloe before
Chloe after surgery
Chloe now
Chloe with kids

For the Love of Abby
Abby was 5 months old when she was found in a muddy field.  We are sure she was disposed of there because of her back legs.  Abby had a birth defect and couldn't run or play like other puppies.  We were contacted and asked to take on Abby and how could we not help this precious little girl?!  Abby had 3 surgeries in WV before she was strong enough to transport and when she was we decided transport would be too stressful so we actually drove to WV and picked her up so she could ride home spread out in the back of a mini van :)   Abby has had many many months of rehab and just recently went thru her last surgery we hope!  She is a loving, rambunxious little girl who loves life and playing in a large fenced yard!  Yes her expenses were great but she is well worth it and because of our wonderful supporters Abby runs and enjoys life like a pup should!!
Abby Before
Abby at HospitalAbby Swim TherapyAbby with cone
Abby Now
 Abby passed over the rainbow bridge but not before being adopted and spending 2 wonderful years with her Furever Family!


Sherman came to us after the local police received reports of a dog tied to a post in 100 degree heat from 10am - 2pm!  At that time we did not have an open large dog foster so he had to be boarded for 10 days until a home opened.  He now lives with Little Tyke and ADORES her!  He however has developed some severe allergies which we are working hard with our vet to figure out.  Poor Shermy scratches himself raw from the itching :(  We have done allergy testing and we are waiting for the results for now Shermy is on Prednisone and Benadryl and it is making the itch at least bearable but not great.  We hope that within the month we can figure out the problem and have it under control.  Shermy has medical bills totalling over $600 already!  He could really used a Wet Kiss Sponsor!