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On a daily basis, we have new foster dogs and cats coming into the system that need medical care, such as insulin, heart meds, allergy meds etc.  Won't you be part of the pack and help with a monthly donation?
  • Nail Clipper Pack - $10/month
  • Paw Pack - $25/month
  • Tail Wag Pack - $50/month
  • Wet Kiss Pack - $100/month

Join our Pack!
 Sponsor a kitten or puppy or special needs fur buddy!
The 1st person to donate to a specific kitten or puppy has the right to name it.  We will then "hook you up" with the foster so that you can email them or facebook them to see how your "buddy" is doing :)  Your donation helps to offset the cost of medical treatment on our fur buddy.   We test to make sure they have no transmitable diseases.  We vaccinate, spay/neuter and chip.  That does not include the cost of litter & food.  Your support is GREATLY appreciated!!!

jasmine and kittens
Jasmine Little Boy2Jasmine Little Girl1Jasmine Little Boy3Jasmine Boy1Jasmine

6/4/2017 - Approximately 5 weeks ago we received a call from a homeowner who was distressed.  People keep "dumping" cats at her home in the country.  She had 13 cats there and she is the mother of 8 children so taking care of all the cats was becoming overwhelming!!  We were not a cat rescue but knew she needed our help so with the help of Palmyra Animal Clinic we rescued all the cats.  3 of the femals were pregnant and have since then given birth!  We are trying our best to stay ahead of the bills.  These furry little ones could REALLY use sponsors!!!
Pictured is a Momma and 4 kittens - 3 Boys and a Girl
6/4/2017 - Little Girl has been named Skye by Patricia Way.  Thank you Patricia!

3/27/2016 - This little guy was found in a drainage pipe with his buddy.  They were crying and only 6 weeks old.  Lucky for them a neighbor getting her mail heard them crying and came to "investigate".  Now the 2 little boys are safe with us and could use a name :) 
3/26/2016 - This little pair of Maltese/Poodles came to us with the female ready to give birth.  They need names before they become parents!
maltese pair
1/10/2015 - This little fluff bucket is full of himself!  He thinks the biggest dogs in the house are his chew toys!  They are working really hard to train him so he doesn't get bigger than his drawers!  LOL  He needs a good sturdy name because he's definitely no foofoo :)
YAY my name is now Cotton thanks to Debra Graf!

white fluff

12/19 2014 - This little boy is super cute and loves to explore!  He is very curly and he knows he is handsome!  You can just see it in his eyes :)  He's excited to get his "manly" name :) 
Thank you Jill A Hermansader
Meet Billy Jack!!

cute black pup pic

12/19/2014 - This little girl was born in the rescue after her mother was taken from a breeder seizure.  She is the only girl with 3 rowdy brothers but trust me she holds her own and is definitely the boss :)
 Thank you Kimberly Welch for giving our little girl a name!  Kimberly says her name is Berkeley. Ever since I visited the university in California (Cal-Berkeley) I thought it would be the perfect name for a puppy -- it's both smart and cute, and I think it fits this little girl perfectly.

brindle pup

11/8/2014 - This precious little one has been with the rescue for a little over 2 weeks. She was part of a puppy mill seizure. She had never known just pure love to her owner she was just an oven to make her money :( She arrived and within days delivered 4 adorable little puppies. She doesn't have a name yet and that seems very sad :( Won't you name her before the holidays? It will help cover some of her medical expenses. She says, thank you!
My father recently passed away and his nickname for me was Button.
I'm a huge fan of animal rescue and a I despise puppy mills. If I had my wish that would be my career, busting up puppy mills.
Meet Button :)

Little Momma

10/31/2014 - Meet these two little sweet pugs! These girls are inseparable, where you see one you see the other. These girls are looking for names of their very own. The first two $100 sponsors can name these lovely girls!

Thank you Angela Minnici! Meet Sadie and Sasha :)
Pug Girls for a Name - 10-2014

10/10/2014 - This sweet girl ended up in a shelter after being found in a dumpster! The shelter named her Leni...we definitely need to do better than Leni for this girl. She is very funny and we had no idea she couldn't walk until she was unable to stand on the vet's scale. Dr. Clements says she has ruptured discs in her neck making it impossible to walk so guess what, yes, you guessed it - he can fix her! This little girl is resting comfortably and once her nasty cold is gone she will have surgery and come home to 2nd Chance! Let's give this sweet senior a name by then! 
Leni - Passed Away from a heart attack the day after surgery :(  This world certainly was cruel to you little Leni but we hope that now you are running and enjoying a much better life!


10/10/2014 - Look at that face! We found this little one in a shelter lying on his side, looking stiff and unable to move. It appeared as though he was going to pass away in front of our eyes. His spine is severed and he will never walk again. He will need a wheelchair. HOWEVER, he will continue to be loved, play and move around with a new set of wheels! We are blessed to be able to help him! The first donor on this loving boy has the right to name him!
Ace - Passed away while having a proceedure to see if he was a canidate for a rod and stem cell treatment.  Had an allergic reaction to the dye.  You were LOVED Ace!

10/10/2014 - This little girl is coming to us from a shelter and she doesn't have a name! She has been sitting in the cold and scary crate with very little hair and uncomfortable bright red skin. We will be picking her up today and this lovely girl needs a name! 
Still does not have a name :(

Maltese - skin condition

6/7/2014 - This little girl ended up at the shelter, dropped off by her humans :(  She is estimated to be 13.  She needs a new name since she doesn't seem to know hers and one that gives her hope as she has what appears to be mammary tumors.  She will be traveling to the University of Penn on June 11th to see if they can help her.  Lets make sure she has a name by then!
No one chose to name her so we called her Hannah and she is a blessing!


6/7/2014 - Check out this sweet boy.  He is estimated to be between 1-2 years of age.  He was found on the streets limping :(  We are working hard to help him regain his trust in humans.  He gives kisses non stop when he is relaxed and comfortable.  He needs a sweet name to give him hope!

white dog in crate from philly

6/7/2014 - This little one is a sweet senior boy.  He is 9 years old and has a stage 3 heart murmur.  His owners dropped him off at the shelter because they couldn't deal with his "health problems"  Hmmmm a heart murmur doesn't mean he can't live a happy life.  He is sweet and happy.  Needs some potty training but most of all he needs a name right now!
No one named him so we named him Peanut and he is just the most special little man!


4/24/2014 - Check out these 2 sweethearts!!!!  There were 3 but Parvo reared its ugly head and took the life of one of them :(  Without dogs receiving their DHPP's they are in serious jeopardy of contracting Parvo!  Parvo eats the lining of a dogs stomach and they actually bleed to death.  There is no medicine to cure Parvo once a dog has it.  The vet's give tons of fluid and pray that the dog has the strength to fight it.  Many do not :(   PLEASE PLEASE vaccinate your dog it is such a cheap, easy vaccination and literally saves their life!!!  These two little ones were lucky.  One was able to beat it.  The other never got it so they are survivors!  Please when you make your $100 donation and name them tell us why you chose the name you did :)






4/20/2014 - Here is our newest pup :)  He is 10 weeks old and doesn't have a name.  Would you like to be his sponsor and name him?
YAY!  Thank you Peggy Sue Shank!  Our little guy is now named Harley :)
little 10 week old male pup

Well another Amish Breeder dog :(  If people would stop buying their puppies we could keep these poor dogs from being merely "ovens & sperm donors!! PLEASE do not purchase puppies from puppy stores and Amish Farms, make sure you know where your puppy really came from if you HAVE to "purchase" a puppy and ask to see the parents if they cannot show them to you RUN!  This little girl was bred god knows how many times! When she went into labor this time she couldn't get the puppies out.  One was stuck in the birth canal.  Her cruel breeder allowed her to suffer for way to long before taking her to the vets office.  The vets did emergency surgery.  The puppy in the birth canal was dead.  The vet told the Amish Breeder that this little girl should NOT have any more litters.  The Amish Breeders reply was "I'll get 5 or 6 more out of her.  Her puppies are worth $1,000 a piece"  He took the puppies home since mom was to ill to leave.  One puppy died during the night.  The other 2 he placed on another poor mother who he bred and who was nursing her own litter  He then came back for this poor little girl and took her home, only to bring her back 2 days later on deaths door.  Again the vets rushed her in for emergency surgery!  When they opened her up her uterus had burst.  They operated for 1.5 hours on this poor little 5 pound soul, at one point debating whether the best thing to do would be to put her down :(   They flushed her out 4 or 5 times and then closed her up knowing they had done everything they could and just praying she could pull through.  When the "breeder" realized she could no longer make him money he didn't want her and signed her over to the hospital.  We were contacted and now this little girl can look forward to learning what the outside is, what playing is, what cuddling on someone lap and being adored is all about and of course sleeping in a nice cuddly comforter and becoming a real dog not an oven!  PLEASE only we can make a difference if we don't buy they won't breed!!!!
YAY!  Her name is now Zoe thanks to Megan Daub
Little Yorkie

Little boy was surrendered to us in VERY bad shape.  Huge laceration on his head, belly full of gravel, and severely emaciated!  He has been hospitalized for 2 days.  Had xrays, sutures for his scalp and altered. Now we work on getting him healthy so you don't see EVERY bone on his body.
Now Named Champ by Maria & Mike O'Neill :) YAY!!!
black emaciate dog

Our newest addition is a little Chihuahua boy who was thrown out of a 2nd Story window in Philly.  He is super super sweet and very special.  He deserves a great name!
Now named Dungy by Sarena Treat :)
lil chi

Our 4 little blind/deaf Double Dapple Puppies could sure use names and we could REALLY use help with their expenses.  They are little chow hounds and peeing pooping machines so we are purchasing a lot of puppy pads & puppy food plus they will have multiple vet visits and possibly some specialist visits if our vet deems it appropriate.  We also are paying a behaviorist to work with them and the foster to teach them touch commands :) 
These wonderful little bundles of joy deserve every oppurtunity we can give them to have the best life possible and that means we need your help!
The first $100 donor on each little pup has the right to name them :)  Just remember Pup1 is a female the other 3 are boys :)
Thank you for your support!!!
Pup1   YAY NOW NAMED CHRISTY after Rick Braham's cousin Christy who was born blind and still lives an amazing life!!!
Blind Pup1
Pup2  Mulligan!  YAY!!  Because a mulligan is taking another shot and he is getting an extra shot at life!  His sponsor is Chris Lebiedz and she is a golf pro :)
Blind Pup2
Pup3  Now named Finnigan :)  Named by Cindy Hoffman.
Blind Puppy3
Pup4  Named Bingo!!! by Brenda Hickernell who said it's one of our biggest fundraisers and without the fundraising we couldn't save any dogs! She's soooo right!

This little girl is 3-4 months old and will be arriving 3/15/2014.  She needs a name too :)  Now named Claire!  Her sponsor is Sarena Treat.
girl pug mix