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Join Our Pack!
On a daily basis, we have new foster dogs and cats coming into the system that need medical care, such as insulin, heart meds, allergy meds etc.  Won't you be part of the pack and help with a monthly donation?
  • Nail Clipper Pack - $10/month
  • Paw Pack - $25/month
  • Tail Wag Pack - $50/month
  • Wet Kiss Pack - $100/month

Join our Pack!
Click the puppy above to go to Paypal :)
Sometimes fur buddies are born at the rescue or shelter and have no name :(  We look for a $100 Sponsor who will give them a name!!  The $100 then goes to help with vet visits, spay/neuter, microchip etc for the sweet soul.  
Other fur friends come into the rescue from bad situations and may have had a name but no one ever used it so we choose to give them a new start AND a new name :)
Other dogs come in and need a dental BADLY.  We are blessed to have a veterinarian who will do a dental for the rescue for $200 so we may need a sponsor to give one of our fur babies a reason to smile!  :)
Maybe we have a buddy scheduled for surgery that we could sure use help covering the bill. 
It will all be listed here :) 
Thank you so much for your love and support of 2nd Chance!!
p.s.  If you name a fur friend please put the name in the "note section" on paypal.

Sandy showed up at a home and although they could not take her in they fed her and then realized she was getting "very big"  Thankfully they called us and we were able to trap her because within a week she gave birth to 6 little fur buddies who will need names :)  they are too young to tell sex yet so names that are not gender-related would be WONDERFUL!!!  
Sandy and kittens
Kittens April 2021