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On a daily basis, we have new foster dogs and cats coming into the system that need medical care, such as insulin, heart meds, allergy meds etc.  Won't you be part of the pack and help with a monthly donation?
  • Nail Clipper Pack - $10/month
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  • Wet Kiss Pack - $100/month

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Our 2nd Chance Family

If you are intersted in being a foster parent please fill out a foster application. If you are unable to foster and still want to help, please fill out a volunteer application today!

Meet the Director

Lynn Yates


Hi!! I am soooo excited about this group! What a great group of people and if you have the opportunity to be a part of it I guarantee you will see what I mean! The passion for dogs is unbelievable. I decided in August of 2010 to develop a network of fosters who had the same passion and energy level as myself and hence 2nd Chance 4 Life was formed! I am about having fun, appreciating life and enjoying the passion we all share!

Personally my "real job" is selling real estate which I have done for the past 20 years!! So if you need to buy or sell a home please contact me! At my buyers/sellers request I will donate $500 to 2nd Chance when they settle on their home! I work the Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin & York Areas.

I have three children all who attended Shippensburg University. My daughter Heather is very involved in this rescue and is usually making people smile as the Chance Mascot :) She is married to a wonderful man, Brett Sugden who has no choice but to love animals as much as we do! :). My son Michael graduated with a psychology degree from Shippensburg and is also a dog lover. My son Jeremy graduated from Shippensburg with a finance degree.  He is married to a wonderful woman named Kate DiNolfi who also has a great love for dogs!

I'm engaged to a wonderful man, Cedric Yates, a paid firefighter for the city of Harrisburg, who puts up with all the "craziness" of rescue and loves me anyway. My life is truly blessed and I am grateful for everyone's support in this rescue venture.


Meet the Fosters and Volunteers

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Name: Shawn Beachler
From: Elizabethtown
Pets: several!

Shawn Beachler is a volunteer with our rescue. She is the proud mommy of 3 dogs and numerous cats. She resides with her boyfriend Pat Corson & their "kids" in the Elizabethtown area. Being an avid lover of animals, she believes dogs can be your best friend and give you unconditional love & deserve the same in return. She also believes responsible pet parenting is essential. She says your dog is a member of your family and should be treated as such. Her dream is to be available to work full time helping animals in need.

Wendy Cain
Name: Wendy Cain
From: not provided
Pets: - Lacey the Pomeranian
- Juanita the Chihuahua
- Peaches the foster Pomeranian with Diabetes and Cushings Disease
- Shep the foster German Shepherd mix

Wendy Cain has always had a special place in her heart for animals. She says she gets her love of animals from her dad who helped her raise her cats Puff, Herman, and Stupe and her faithful beagle mix, Chipper. When she was 15, she saved a German Shepherd mix that was hit by a car and she has been totally dedicated to helping animals since that time. She says she couldn't do what she does without help from her husband, Bryan. Her daughter, Angie, along with grandkids, Sarah and Zachary, help out by petsitting their 4-legged babies.

She says each of the "babies" bring special blessings and joy into their lives with their unconditional love. And, who couldn't help but smile at their antics, and after all, laughter is the best medicine and helps one to enjoy life to its fullest. Besides her pets she enjoys gardening, reading mystery novels, and hanging out talking trash at the Township office. She feels she is truly blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who understand her and support how she feels about her pets as they are part of her family, too. And says anyone who has never experienced these types of feelings do ngot know what they are missing.

Name: Kristen and Brock Carpenter
From: Annville
Pets: Kane and Carter, Shepard Mix

Brock and Kristin Carpenter foster for 2nd Chance and also have 2 fur babies of their own. Kane is a Shepard Mix, adopted from 2nd Chance, who volunteers through the Red Cross as an Animal Assisted Therapy Dog. Carter is also a Shepard Mix, who Brock and Kristin “foster failed” on. Brock and Kristin reside in Annville and both work for Drayer Physical Therapy Institute. Kristin is the Foster Coordinator for 2nd Chance and they both help where ever else they are needed!

Lynn Frampton
Name: Lynn Frampton

Lynn registers our microchips, monitors well visits, and helps out at events whenever needed. Lynn loves animals and has had pets all her life from horses to birds. She currently has four dogs: Molly, Sidney, Shy (rescued 2 years ago from 2nd Chance), and Jasper, her foster fail (helping out in a pinch!) and a rabbit named Hunter. She lives with her husband and two grown children.

2014 - Sharon Gainer
Name: Sharon Gainer
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed


Name: Wendy Giuvilo
From: Not listed
Pets: Jessica

Wendy is a foster mom for 2nd Chance. In addition to her full time job at Hershey Medical Center, she also a full time wife of Tony and mom of Morgan. She got into fostering dogs because she didn't realize that there were so many being euthanized on a daily basis. Her family had to have one of their dogs put down, and they enjoyed having two dogs, so they decided to save some lives and foster dogs. In her spare time, Wendy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as scrapbooking. She also likes going to the beach or relaxing in the mountains.

Name: Glenn Godsey
From: Elizabethtown
Pets: Bella the dog

Glenn Godsey, a recent retiree, joins forces with his Brenda and dog Bella to help out wherever he can with 2nd Chance. He enjoys helping with the rescue by making baked goods and helping with prospective-adoptee home checks, but most of all, he works with Ruth to use his photography skills to photograph the dogs for the website. With a good adorable picture, the dogs have a much better chance of being seen and finding a forever home. So when he's not picking on someone (usually Lynn) or giving treats to Ruth's dogs, he and Bella just kick back and enjoy life.

2014 - Karen Goering
Name: Karen Goering
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed


2014 - Theresa Grosh
Name: Theresa Grosh
From: Not listed

After dog-sitting for several friends, our 4 daughters began asking for a dog of our own. But we were not ready to make the lifetime commitment to have a dog of our own. We explained this to our kids and they understood. A friend told me about 2nd Chance 4 Life and their need for fosters. It seemed like a great fit for our family! Our family enjoys caring for the dogs and the girls especially love the doggy snuggles! When it comes time to release the dogs to their forever homes, we enjoy meeting the families and keeping in touch with them see how happy our foster dogs are!

2014 - Paula Hess
Name: Paula Hess
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed


2014 - Brenda Hickernell
Name: Brenda Hickernell
From: Not listed
Pets: five dogs

64 years old, and not enough years in my life to include all the dogs I want to save. Married to Ron, we have 5 dogs and so even though I can’t presently foster, I try to help by checking in on other foster dogs like our 4 blind/deaf boys living at Melissa Binders, I try to participate in the parades, working at the Bingo events, showing up for public events like Arts in the Park and Wags on Wright. And husband says I spend far too much time on the computer hitting the ‘share’ button on every poor, homeless dog that shows up on my page. Also am presently looking forward to being a grand mum for the very first time this December! We have 4 children between the two of us, and this will be a whole other ball game.

2014 - Pam Keener
Name: Pam Keener
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed


2012 - Shea
Name: Shea Kinsey
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed


Name: Donna Lancaster
From: Elizabethtown
Pets: - Sheelah the Rottie
- Lucy the Beagle
- Gracie the Shih Tzu
- Brownie (Brown Man) the miniature Dachshund
- Eddie the cat
- Alex the Guinea Pig
- Spot and Princess the cockatiels

Donna is a 2nd Chance foster. Between her and Burt, her husband, they have a houseful of children. As the children are leaving, Donna has decided to foster to alleviate the empty nest feelings. Donna works as an X-ray tech in Harrisburg, and Burt drives truck. When Donna has free time, she enjoys reading, baking and crocheting, but pooper-scooping in the yard is becoming another fast favorite!

2014 - Kate and Jeremy Leach

Kate and Jeremy Leach

From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed


2014 - Gail and Mark
Name: Gail Lehman and Mark
From: Elizabethtown
Pets: Not listed


Name: Glenn and Sharon Longenecker
From: Elizabethtown
Pets: Lucy

Glenn and Sharon are an active farm couple, who enjoy sharing their lives with all the foster dogs in need of love. Long walks around the farms and lots of romp time in the barn make for some happy dogs. They farm 260 acres and raise guinea hens for the New York live market. Antiquing together is a favorite activity, and Sharon loves time sewing, quilting , knitting and anything to do with stitches. After having 25 dogs share their home since last summer, they truly believe these are not bad dogs; they just had bad owners, because all they need is love.

Name: The Mummas
From: Elizabethtown
Pets: - Saint the dog
- Mya the dog
- Lola the foster dog

Ruth, Terry, Kurtis and Katelyn Mumma foster for 2nd Chance. They love being able to foster a new dog so they can find it's forever home, and a family that will love them forever! Ruth is always asked "Isn't it hard?" and "Don't you get attached?". She always responds with, "Yes, of course we get attached, but you look into their eyes and you know you have to help them. They just need love!" The Mummas love dogs and see fostering as a way to meet new dogs and different breeds. Different breeds all have their own personalities, which the Mummas find to be very interesting and enjoyable! Once a dog finds their forever home, the family is able to save another dog and that is what makes it all worth while.
Besides fostering, another one of Ruth's passions is photography. She has her own business, "Garden Gate Photography", and is able to use this, with Glenn's help, to capture unique images of the dogs for the web site. Ruth says, "I love what we do and enjoy every minute of it. I wouldn't trade it for anything!"

2014 - Maria and Mike O'Neil
Name: Maria and Mike O'Neil
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed


2014 - Anne Potteiger
Name: Anne Potteiger
From: Not listed
Pets: - Buddy an English Setter
- Bowie a senior Corgi/Papillon
- Owen and Trixie feline rescues

The best thing about fostering with 2nd Chance is the autonomy we are given as fosters to have the final say in our foster dogs' forever homing process. This goes a long way toward making the hardest part--letting our furry new friend leave--a lot less traumatic. The non-fosters at home include Buddy, an English Setter I found at the Humane Society, Bowie, a senior corgi/papillon rescued from a bad situation after his owner died, and Owen and Trixie, both feline rescues. There are several humans in my life as well.

My working hours are spent caring for special needs children in their homes, often on ventilators and other life-assisting equipment.

Reading and knitting are hobbies that do not involve animals, although many of the books are about animals, and I have been known to knit a dog sweater or two!

2014 - Gina Pupo
Name: Gina Pupo
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed

Gina LOVES big dogs and in fact owns two of her own and now has Panda. Panda was in bad shape when we first noticed him at the shelter and had to have his leg amputated. Gina chose to take him without even thinking twice and has been wonderful for Panda allowing him to ​try everything that a 4 legged dog would do. She is now trying her hand with 2 smaller dog so if you go to Gina's you would find a busy, happy home full of fur babies!

The Reeds
Name: Duane and Lisa Reed
From: Not listed
Pets: - Tanners and Fancy the Pomeranians
- Kasie and Peaches the cats

Duane & Lisa Reed foster for 2nd Chance. They love animals and what can be done for them. They also take care of the 3-Ring promotional binders for offices or where ever they can place one. If you need a book made, just give them a call and they will get one to you.

Name: Joan Rhoads
From: Not listed
Pets: - Zoey the Shih Tzu

Joan Rhoads is a retired postal employee who has wanted to be a puppy foster mom all her life. After working with the public for so long, its so refreshing to work with living things that don't talk back!! :) She lives with her little love bug (a white Shih-tzu) named Zoey. She loves to foster and, if she lived in a bigger home, would foster more! Actually, she considers herself a "foster-failure" as Zoey was her first one and she absolutely could not part with her! (She has been a little more successful since then. :)) She has two grand-daughters who visit on a regular basis in order to play with the dogs, which gives her a real opportunity to see how they interact with children. She believes "No dog should be left behind". To her, they all have their own little souls and deserve a chance for a happy life. They are the only species on earth who leave their own kind to be part of another species' family. Placing them in a home designed just for their personality is essential. 2nd Chance does not like returns and we do our very best to place them right the first time. Prospective adopters need to understand that it's not about them - it's about the dog.

2014 - Carla and Barry Rissmiller
Name: Carla and Barry Rissmiller
From: Elizabethtown
Pets: Honey, Abby, Bernard & Chancey

Barry and Carla joined the 2nd Chance family in 2013. They have Chaired Wheels and Wags Car Show since the 1st Show in September of the same year and it has grown every year. Carla was the Treasurer on the Board of Directors until 2018. After loosing their Long Haired Chihuahua to diabetes in July of 2013 they thought they didn't want another dog, but then along came Honey in August and a couple of weeks later Abby joined the family. In September 2014 they took in their very first foster dog. Since then they fostered "the Boys" Bernard and Chancey. In February 2015 the Boys became a permanent part of the family! Life as they knew it has never been the same! And they wouldn't have it any other way!

2014 - Lu Smith
Name: Lu Smith
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed


Name: Barb and Mike Snesavage
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed

Barb works at Hershey Medical Center and besides fostering little furry ones and adopting them to doctors. Barb plays a key role in the fundraising venue of 2nd Chance. This year she took on chairing the 2015 Calendar.

Mike is "the man behind his woman." He is great on loving on the pups and has been known to be trapped on the steps by a little 15 pounder that was not sure he wanted to make friends! :)​

2014 - Heather and Brett Sugden
Name: Heather and Brett Sugden
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed

Daughter and Son in Law of Director. Which means they have no choice but to be part of the 2nd Chance family and fun!

You will often find Heather in the mascot costume speaking with an English Accent. You will also find her handling dogs and selling tickets at the Bingos. Brett will be found wherever Heather is and has at times been dressed in costume also. He is wonderful at helping wherever he is asked and this year will be helping with the Golf Tournament!​

2014 - Brady and Serena Treat
Name: Brady and Serena Treat
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed

Brady & Serena came to 2nd Chance with the Lucky 13 to foster one of the 13. Hm, that worked out this way...the dog went to their home and never left. :)   We call that "foster failing". They took on another little guy named JR to foster and that worked out the same way!

Brady & Serena are great at watching other fosters pups when the foster is on vacation and they are also active in fundraising :)  We are blessed to have them!​

Jen and Vint Varner
Name: Jen and Vint Varner
From: Not listed
Pets: Not listed


Name: Cathy Vezza
From: Columbia, PA
Pets: - Cinnamon the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cathy lives in Columbia, PA with Cinnamon, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is retired from Eastern York School District after 35 years of service. As a volunteer, Cathy does vet and reference calls on applications.

Name: Jan Zarick
From: Paxtang Borough
Pets: - three rescue Beagles

Jan Zarick lives with her husband Steve and three Rescue Beagles in Paxtang Borough, near Harrisburg. Jan is retired from the Commonwealth of PA where she worked as a computer systems analyst/ programmer. Her hobbies include gardening, reading, baking, and her dogs. Her favorite activities are spending time with her dogs especially at the Delaware seashore, checking out new and interesting herb and other holistic/natural type shops, attending area dog events of all kinds, getting together with friends, and assisting wherever she can with the three dog Rescue organizations of which she is a member. Jan is occasionally involved with animal related issues in her local community and is interested in State and local Dog Laws. Jan writes a monthly article for the 2nd Chance newsletter, does computer work for the Rescue, home visits, and helps out at events. Jan loves all animals, but especially canines. She attributes her love of animals to growing up on a farm in Hershey, and her genes – she comes from a long line of animal-loving farmers.